[movitz-devel] defvar and reboots

Shawn Betts sabetts at vcn.bc.ca
Sun May 29 16:37:46 UTC 2005


I've found that in some cases defvar and defparameter cause movitz to
reboot upon loading. initializing the variable with nil a number seems
to work fine, but a cons or a function call causes a reboot. The
following causes a reboot:

(defvar *commands* (make-hash-table)
  "A hash table of commands")

I'm going to try to dig into it a bit, but I have a feeling it'll get
over my head pretty fast.

Is this a known problem? Is it easy to fix? :)

So far I've been able to rearrange my code to avoid the problem but my
code is such that this case is a bit difficult to get around.


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