[movitz-devel] Re: Emacs on the metal

Frode Vatvedt Fjeld ffjeld at common-lisp.net
Sun Jun 5 00:14:43 UTC 2005

Shawn Betts <sabetts at vcn.bc.ca> writes:

> For the past while I've been building a GNU Emacs clone written
> entirely in common lisp. My intention was always to have it run on
> movitz (it also runs on sbcl and cmucl with cl-ncurses). Today I
> finally got it working on movitz.

Just tried your image in VMWare. Looks awesome! :-)

> Its a bit buggy on movitz :).

If you have something like a list of movitz quirks, let me have it and
I'll see if I can fix things now and then. (Patches are welcome too,
obviously..) I suppose improved arrays are on the top of the list.

Frode Vatvedt Fjeld

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