[movitz-devel] tips for a newbie

Rex Walburn walburn at gmail.com
Sun Jul 24 22:03:38 UTC 2005

I am a newbie to Lisp and have been a programmer of C , C++ and
assembly  for the past 2 years (i am not that old :) ...  I have been
learning Lisp using the CLISP interpreter on Linux and I came across
Movitz. So I thought, why not directly practice on a Lisp kernel. I
have some few questions on using the interpreter of Movitz and before
I ask them I wanted to know if there is some sort of user's guide to
So is there a user's guide for movitz? 
How do I access my hard disk using Movitz ? (I use Bochs to load the kernel )
Although I tried reading the archives of movtiz-devel mailing list , I
still could not figure out how to launch an emacs or any other editor
on the movitz kernel ?
These are a few basic questions I had. I realise that i could spend
time figuring it all out one day, but sooner or later, there are gonna
be more users who would want to quickly try out Movitz  and see how it
works, so I guess writing a small/quick User's guide is not a bad
idea. I don't mind even writing it for that matter, but  I need some
help myself :)
I browsed through the part of the code of Movitz which handles
assembly instructions, and although I could not understand some of the
stuff, but it's a  brilliant piece of work !! Kudos to all the
developers ...


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