[movitz-devel] compile error in CVS

Shawn Betts sabetts at vcn.bc.ca
Tue Apr 12 06:01:38 UTC 2005

Hi folks,

I'm getting a compile error in the latest CVS:

[1]> (load "load")
[2]> (movitz:create-image)
;; NIL value: #x65.
WARNING: Compiler-macro <= defined after being called as function (first in "losp/muerte/typep.lisp")
;; While Movitz compiling LDB%BYTE in losp/muerte/integers.lisp:
** - Continuable Error
Label NIL multiply defined.

Am I doing something wrong or is this an error in CVS? I've tried
clisp, cmucl, and sbcl all with the same result.


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