[movitz-devel] Compiling Movitz, symbol-function problem

Chris Capel chris at iBankTech.NET
Fri Mar 19 00:49:56 UTC 2004

> Here is what I use with CMUCL:

Thanks! That works for me.

Now for something completely different.  When I (now successfully) run bochs with the movitz image,

(symbol-function 'do)

returns an error, whereas in CMUCL it returns #<Closure Over Function "DEFUN (SETF MACRO-FUNCTION)" {}>.  The hyperspec tells me Muerte's behavior is incorrect: symbol-function called on a macro (or a special operator) needs to return "an object of implementation-dependent nature and identity", not signal an error.  You're probably aware of this, but I thought I'd point it out just in case.

Chris Capel
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