[movitz-devel] Re: OT: Re: My experiences so far

ffjeld at common-lisp.net ffjeld at common-lisp.net
Wed Mar 17 16:47:01 UTC 2004

Aleksandar Bakic <a_bakic at yahoo.com> writes:

> Now, if you have a nice small Movitz-related task that would help me
> learn more, just let me know.

Well, there are in general two areas: Extending the ANSI-specified
library, or adding hardware support.

For the ANSI library part, for example sequences.lisp are lacking all
the substitute functions completely. You can probably find tons of
other operators lacking yourself.

For the hardware support, I think the first order of business is
support for scanning the PCI bus in some way, access PCI config space,
etc. Or to add drivers/interface functions for the legacy hardware
such as the floppy or IDE drives, or VGA graphics, even.

Frode Vatvedt Fjeld

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