[movitz-devel] My experiences so far

Chris Capel chris at iBankTech.NET
Tue Mar 16 02:12:48 UTC 2004

Hi everyone.  I wanted to get involved, so I've been trying to get a lisp environment set up--I haven't really even gotten to trying to compile movitz yet.  I'm trying to find a good IDE, which, it turns out, is a pretty daunting task.  Eclipse would be nice, but doesn't have a mature lisp plugin.  I haven't gotten Jabberwocky to run.  So now I'm trying Emacs--specifically, Hemlock.  The shift key doesn't work in X, but until that gets worked out, I'm going to just use the terminal interface.

I don't want to bore anyone, but this list has been awefully quiet, and I didn't want Frode to be discouraged.

Chris Capel
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