[movitz-devel] Bochs trouble

Jaap Weel weel at caltech.edu
Tue Jan 20 19:34:01 UTC 2004

I got it working now. But then, once I got it working, I removed some 
newlines from the bochsrc. And it stopped working. But then I got it 
working again. I quite clearly rememember that earlier, on 1_44 it 
didn't work at all, which is why I had switched it to 720k. Ah well, 
black magic, shall we say. Thanks a lot, Frode!

Here's the bochsrc that has been shown to work:

romimage: file="$BXSHARE/BIOS-bochs-latest", address=0xf0000
megs: 64
vgaromimage: $BXSHARE/VGABIOS-elpin-2.40
floppya: 1_44="los0.img", status=inserted
boot: a
log: bochsout.txt
panic: action=ask
error: action=report
info: action=report
debug: action=ignore
ips: 5000000
mouse: enabled=0

On 20 Jan 2004, at 03:24, Frode Vatvedt Fjeld wrote:
> The los0 image simply initializes the consing pointer to the 2 MB
> mark, so you want somewhat more than this configured.
>> floppya: 720k="los0.img", status=inserted
> This is the main culprit, most likely. Movitz' bootloader assumes the
> 1_44 floppy geometry. Probably this should be checked for somehow, not
> just ignoring the issue and ending up with loading random junk. Then
> again, the loader is confined to 512 bytes, so there's a limit to what
> it can do. Anyway, problems that are the related to loading tends to
> go away when using the grub loader.

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