[movitz-devel] First-cut floppy driver

Nyef nyef at softhome.net
Sun Jan 18 15:08:04 UTC 2004

Hello all.

Attached is a first cut for a floppy driver. It has been tested
against real hardware, and is capable of spinning up the drive,
seeking to various tracks on the disk, and spinning the drive
down again. It is limited to using 1.44M 3.5" HD disks in the
first disk drive.

Anyway, here it is. It goes in movitz/losp/x86-pc/, and you may
need to modify all.lisp in the same directory to load it.

--Alastair Bridgewater
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;;; floppy.lisp
;;; First-cut floppy driver

(provide :x86-pc/floppy)

(defpackage muerte.x86-pc.floppy
  (:use muerte.cl muerte muerte.lib muerte.x86-pc))

(in-package muerte.x86-pc.floppy)

;;; At this time, this driver is only capable of spinning up the drive motor
;;; and seeking to different tracks on a 1.44M 3.5" HD disk.
;;; In order to use the driver, do:
;;; (setf *package* (find-package "X86-PC.FLOPPY")) to switch to this package.
;;; (fd-start-disk) to initialize the controller and spin the drive up.
;;; (fd-seek 70) to seek to track 70.
;;; (setf (fd-motor) nil) to turn the drive and controller off.
;;; Variations on this theme include: seeking to different tracks.

;; I/O port locations

(defconstant +fd-main-status-register+ #x3f4)
(defconstant +fd-data-register+ #x3f5)
(defconstant +fd-digital-output-register+ #x3f2)
(defconstant +fd-that-other-register+ #x3f7)

;; Basic accessors

(defun fd-status ()
  (io-port +fd-main-status-register+ :unsigned-byte8))

(defun fd-data ()
  (io-port +fd-data-register+ :unsigned-byte8))

(defun (setf fd-data) (value)
  (setf (io-port +fd-data-register+ :unsigned-byte8) value))

(defun (setf fd-dor) (value)
  (setf (io-port +fd-digital-output-register+ :unsigned-byte8) value))

;; Fundamental operations

(defun (setf fd-motor) (value)
  (if (null value)
      (setf (fd-dor) 0)
      ;; FIXME: Should delay after this setf for motor to come up to speed.
      (setf (fd-dor) #x1c))))

(defun fd-wait-ready ()
  "Returns #x40 if fdc is expecting a read next."
  (loop for status = (fd-status)
      when (not (zerop (logand #x80 status)))
      return (logand #x40 status)))

(defun fd-write-data (value)
  (unless (zerop (fd-wait-ready))
    (error "FDC expecting read when we want to write."))
  (setf (fd-data) value))

(defun fd-read-data ()
  (when (zerop (fd-wait-ready))
    (error "FDC expecting write when we want to read."))

;; Basic commands

(defun fd-cmd-specify (byte1 byte2)
  (fd-write-data #x03)
  (fd-write-data byte1)
  (fd-write-data byte2))

(defun fd-cmd-sense-interrupt-status ()
  (let ((dsr0)
    (loop doing (fd-write-data 8)
	  (setf dsr0 (fd-read-data))
	  (setf status (fd-wait-ready))
	  until (not (zerop status)))
    (setf cylinder (fd-read-data))
    (values dsr0 cylinder)))

(defun fd-cmd-recalibrate ()
  (fd-write-data 7)
  (fd-write-data 0)

(defun fd-cmd-seek (cylinder)
  (fd-write-data #xf)
  (fd-write-data 0)
  (fd-write-data cylinder)

(defun fd-initialize-controller ()
  (setf (fd-motor) nil)
  (setf (io-port +fd-that-other-register+ :unsigned-byte8) 0)
  (setf (fd-dor) #xc)
  (fd-cmd-specify #xdf #x02))

(defun fd-start-disk ()
  (dotimes (i 4)
  (setf (fd-motor) t)

;;; EOF

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