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Klaus Uhl movitz at u-h-l.de
Wed Feb 4 19:17:44 UTC 2004

mikel evins <mikel at evins.net> writes:

> This is not to argue that a Lisp OS should use the same sort of
> abstraction; rather, it is to argue that Plan 9 demonstrates how far
> the uniform application of a simplifying abstraction can get you. What
> I'm interested in, in this context, is this: what are the simplifying
> abstractions that are natural in Lisp? What Lisp features can collapse
> the complexity of a modern OS into something as simple as, or simpler
> than, Plan 9? Closures over streams, perhaps?

I'm not a Lisp expert but what about objects? Everything in Common
Lisp is an object, even classes. Could that be a "natural" abstraction
for a Lisp OS?



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