[movitz-devel] Procfs support for non-Allegro lisps?

James Crippen jcrippen at gmail.com
Tue Aug 24 07:27:02 UTC 2004

Is there any procfs support in the works out there for non-Allegro
lisps? I note that the procfs-image.lisp file uses a few functions
from a PROCFS package that I presume is Allegro-specific. What would
it take to get this working in other Lisps? It seems like it should be
some not-overly-complicated file accessing after some pid lookup,

Also, I'm working on implementing timers and RTC support. I intend to
use this to implement some support for things like Unix's sleep(3) and
alarm(2). That should fix the problems with things like the busy-wait
loops in harddisk.lisp.


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