[movitz-devel] Re: HD driver

Peter Minten peter.minten at wanadoo.nl
Fri Apr 23 17:33:47 UTC 2004

Frode Vatvedt Fjeld wrote:
> Peter Minten <peter.minten at wanadoo.nl> writes:
>>Well, in theory my current code should work. In practice I have to
>>fix fairly trivial bugs first, which is time consuming given the
>>lack of incremental compilation of the image and the long compile
>>time (~10 minutes on my 1GHz box).
> But.. there is incremental compilation (!)
> For example, (movitz-compile-file "losp/tmp/harddisk.lisp") should do
> the right thing wrt. *image*, and this takes maybe one second on my
> machine.

Thanks, now it works fast.

> What movitz-mode.el does is e.g. upon M-C-x, to extract a top-level
> form into a temporary file and applying movitz-compile-file to
> it. Something similar should come into existence for Slime, but until
> then, at least one can use movitz-compile-file manually.

Or semi-manually: (defun l () (movitz::movitz-compile-file ...)) :-).

Anyway I've uploaded a new version of the code. It compiles, it calls the 
harddisk and ... it fails. There are some issues I don't yet understand, like 
why it asks for a media change on a static HD. I'll implement identify-drive 
sometime these days, 128 bytes of info should be helpful :-).



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