[movitz-devel] Re: HD driver

Frode Vatvedt Fjeld ffjeld at common-lisp.net
Mon Apr 19 22:46:41 UTC 2004

Peter Minten <peter.minten at wanadoo.nl> writes:

> Ok, you asked for it :-). I wrote a little IDE driver for ATA-1
> compatible LBA capable disks (AFAIK Bochs disks are of that type),
> it's at
> 'http://www.il.fontys.nl/~silvernerd/harddisk.lisp'. Currently async
> read and write of 1-256 sectors in one go is implemented.

Great, it's nice to see someone accept a challenge :-)

> The code does not compile due to a strange error about a variable
> (data) not being defined. [..]

> I know that using with-slots on a structure is not exactly common
> (though as I understand the HyperSpec it's legal) so I tried
> replacing it with let for a moment to see if the error was in the
> with-slots. Let gave the same result: symbol 'data' undefined. When
> I removed data from the code altogether it started complaining about
> offset.

The problem was simply that there was no with-slots macro in Movitz,
so the compiler tried to compile it as a function call, which should
explain the behavior you saw. I have added a with-slots macro now.

Also, I have re-worked defstructs quite a bit, so that slot-value (and
therefore with-slots) will actually work with structs. So I believe
your code should compile fine now.

I would however suggest to prefer defclass over defstruct in this
case, and in general.

> Furthermore on my box there is a problem with binary-types: [..]
> On CMUCL 18e, custom core.
> Binary-types and Movitz version: CVS 17-apr-2004.
> Slime error message:
> Execution of a form compiled with errors:
>              (WITH-SLOTS
>               BINARY-TYPES::OBJECT
>                                                ',BINARY-TYPES::NAME
>                                                :TYPE
>                                                ',TYPE
>                                                :MAP-WRITE
>                                                ,BINARY-TYPES::MAP-WRITE
>                                                :MAP-READ
>                                                ,BINARY-TYPES::MAP-READ
>                                                :MAP-READ-DELAYED
>                                                ,BINARY-TYPES::MAP-READ-DELAYED
>                                                :HIDDEN-READ-SLOT
>                                                ',BINARY-TYPES::HIDDEN-READ-SLOT)))
>     [Condition of type KERNEL:SIMPLE-PROGRAM-ERROR]
> The error disappears when I abort and do (load "load") again.

I don't know what this is. When does it occur? During the first (load

Frode Vatvedt Fjeld

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