[movitz-devel] Topic of list

Chris Capel chris at iBankTech.NET
Fri Apr 9 18:40:53 UTC 2004

This seems to me like a good list to discuss operating system design
issues specific to a hypothetical MoKA.  This has been summarily brought
up, but would this be a good place to get in depth about what the Right
Thing is as far as a lisp OS goes?  A few things that've been on my

Would a persistent object store instead of a filesystem be more
approiate? (Say yes.)

How would security be handled?

Would enforcing a strict barrier between packages be enough to solve
package conflicts and problems, and what would this barrier look like?

This kind of questions aren't really strictly Movitz related, but the
Movitz project does host a little kernel.  Would a real OS kernel built
(eventually) on Movitz be in a separate project?  Until such a kernel
materializes, should this kind of discussion take place here or
somewhere else?

Chris Capel

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