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Date: Sat Jan 29 02:32:57 2005
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--- movitz/doc/ChangeLog:1.9	Tue Jan  4 12:33:17 2005
+++ movitz/doc/ChangeLog	Sat Jan 29 02:32:57 2005
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+2005-01-29  Frode Vatvedt Fjeld  <frodef at cs.uit.no>
+	* There's been quite a bit of work on scavenge.lisp. The stack scavenging
+	has been re-designed completely, and should now not break as it
+	sometimes did before in certain interrupt
+	situations. Interestingly, the scavenging API essentially didn't
+	change at all. There are still some holes left empty when it comes
+	to migrating code-vectors, but this should be trivial to fix.
 2005-01-04  Frode Vatvedt Fjeld  <frodef at cs.uit.no>
 	* Fixed some support for stack-allocating funobjs and cons-cells

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