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Frode Vatvedt Fjeld ffjeld at common-lisp.net
Thu Jul 8 00:03:46 UTC 2004

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Updated recent news.

Date: Wed Jul  7 17:03:46 2004
Author: ffjeld

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diff -u public_html/index.html:1.16 public_html/index.html:1.17
--- public_html/index.html:1.16	Tue Mar 30 00:22:10 2004
+++ public_html/index.html	Wed Jul  7 17:03:46 2004
@@ -13,11 +13,16 @@
   <h1>Movitz: a Common Lisp x86 development platform</h1>
- <h3>Recent news</h3>
+ <h3>Most recent news</h3>
- <p> <i>March 30, 2004:</i> There is now GC support in Muerte, and an
- almost functional GC architecture included in the los0 image. Some
- info is also added <a href="movitz.html#GC">here</a>.
+ <p> <i>July 8, 2004:</i> The data-structure for vectors has been
+ changed. The vectors length is now represented by a fixnum, increasing
+ the maximum length from #xffff to most-positive-fixnum.
+ <p> The example GC system is changed to reflect the new vector
+ data-structure, so that the hard 256 KB limit on newspaces is no
+ more. The default size is set to 2 MB, and this newspace size is used
+ in the new <a href="files/los0.img"><tt>los0.img</tt></a>.
  <p> For more news, see the <a

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