[movitz-cvs] CVS update: Module imported: ia-x86

Frode Vatvedt Fjeld ffjeld at common-lisp.net
Mon Jan 12 15:23:55 UTC 2004

Update of /project/movitz/cvsroot/ia-x86
In directory common-lisp.net:/home/ffjeld/src/ia-x86

Log Message:
Imported to common-lisp.net


Vendor Tag:	frodef
Release Tags:	start
N ia-x86/alignment.lisp
N ia-x86/assemble.lisp
N ia-x86/codec.lisp
N ia-x86/def-instr.lisp
N ia-x86/ia-x86-test.lisp
N ia-x86/ia-x86.asd
N ia-x86/ia-x86.lisp
N ia-x86/inline-data.lisp
N ia-x86/instr-add.lisp
N ia-x86/instr-and-or.lisp
N ia-x86/instr-bit.lisp
N ia-x86/instr-branch.lisp
N ia-x86/instr-cmp.lisp
N ia-x86/instr-fpu.lisp
N ia-x86/instr-misc.lisp
N ia-x86/instr-mmx.lisp
N ia-x86/instr-mov.lisp
N ia-x86/instr-mul-div.lisp
N ia-x86/instr-push-pop.lisp
N ia-x86/instr-shift.lisp
N ia-x86/instr-simd.lisp
N ia-x86/instr-string.lisp
N ia-x86/instr-sub.lisp
N ia-x86/operands.lisp
N ia-x86/packages.lisp
N ia-x86/postload.lisp
N ia-x86/prefixes.lisp
N ia-x86/proglist.lisp
N ia-x86/read.lisp
N ia-x86/registers.lisp
N ia-x86/symtab.lisp
N ia-x86/system.lisp
N ia-x86/utilities.lisp

No conflicts created by this import

Date: Mon Jan 12 10:23:55 2004
Author: ffjeld
New module ia-x86 added

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