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Date: Fri, Nov 4, 2011 at 12:15 AM
Subject: Re: [mkcl-devel] Quicklisp and MKCL
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On Thu, Nov 3, 2011 at 7:50 PM, Kaïraba Cissé <ckairaba at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi MKCL folk
> I recently post the following messgae on
> http://groups.google.com/group/quicklisp :
> "
> Hi zach
> Can you just support MKCL in Quicklisp please ?
> It's too painful to use just asdf.
> Faithfully
> "
> and Zach Beane's answer was :
> "
> I think your best route is to ask the author of MKCL to send me some
> patches to integrate MKCL support into Quicklisp.
> Zach
> "
> Can jean-claude extend Quicklisp to support MKCL?
> 90 % of the work is already done because Quicklisp support ECL.
> Faithfully

Ok, the short answer on this one is: "I am working on it folks".

I know this sounds a bit cliché but it is essentially true.

The longer answer is that I really want to finish plugging the holes in the
Unicode support of MKCL, holes that you yourself, Kaïraba, have pointed to
me a few months ago (I know "months ago". Yes the holes were that big!
I basically had to rework the entire OS interface layer both for Linux and
This is motivated by the fact that real, standard, complete Unicode support
seems to be
pretty much expected by a large portion of the libraries available through
At least that is the impression I got from things I read in the ECL mailing

The more or less good news here is that I am almost done with this Unicode
at least I hope I am. (I think there is about 2 more weeks to go on this.)
Right next after that I will do the Quicklisp "port".

And then these two things (1- complete Unicode support, 2 - Quicklisp for
will be the main features of the MKCL 1.1 version I will announce.

So, what do you say of that?


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