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Thu May 13 15:42:28 UTC 2021

Hey Paul,

thank you for the report! After looking into this I've concluded that your example is incorrect.

>From (define-presentation-to-command-translator specification):

> The other arguments to define-presentation-to-command-translator are the same as for define-presentation-translator.

[applies also to to arglist]

Then (define-presentation-translator specification)

> arglist, tester-arglist, and doc-arglist are each an argument list that must "match" the following "canonical" argument list.
> (object &key presentation context-type frame event window x y)
> In order to "match" the canonical argument list, there must be a single positional argument that corresponds to the presentation's object, and several named arguments that must match the canonical names above (using string-equal to do the comparison)

In your example you have:

(define-presentation-to-command-translator xlate-set-rcursor
    (clim:blank-area com-set-cursor foo)
    (x y window)
  (%set-a-cursor *standard-output* x y window))

So the arglist is (x y window). X is matched as the positional required argument OBJECT, then Y and WINDOW are matched by name
(as if we had transformed this arglist to (object &key y window). Perhaps LW CLIM doesn't uphold this requirement and matches
all arguments by name?

Best regards,

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