QTools as a cross-platform backend?

Daniel Kochmański daniel at turtleware.eu
Mon Jan 6 21:53:35 UTC 2020


mike thomas writes:

> Hi there
> I'm not a member of this list - couldn't find how to subscribe - so
> apologies for directly sending.

you may subscribe here:

> I just have two questions:
> Has consideration been given to basing a back-end on QTools?

No, QTools never came up as a proposed backend. We did consider
cross-platform libraries as backends though. I think that the most
likely SDL backend will be implemented at some point of time.

>> Does it have
> potential to do the job, or is it better to work directly through native OS
> capabilities.

I would be surprised if it couldn't do a job. I don't know this library
but it seems to be a layer on top of CommonQt which is pretty complete
to my knowledge.
> Cheers
> Mike Thomas

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