[mcclim-devel] three questions

Orm Finnendahl o.finnendahl at mh-freiburg.de
Mon May 4 08:08:45 UTC 2009


still working on my specialized browser I'm starting to implement the
gui part of the application. Three questions:

- Can I update (redraw) a pane without activating it with the mouse?
  "(window-refresh pane)" doesn't actually draw unless the window gets
  activated in the window-manager).

- How can I implement scrolling in the pane? The scroll bars are there
  but they don't get updated if I draw off the visible region of the

- Is there a straightforward way to get a reference to an output
  record upon creation of the output record (to store it in the object
  which gets presented)?

  I can get it by searching the list of all output records in a pane
  and compare it's object slot to the object, but that seems rather
  inefficient, especially since newly allocated output records are
  appended to the end of the list. Currently I'm creating the output
  records in a loop of "draw-line*" embedded in

Maybe I'm doing it wrong by trying to access the output records
themselves. This is the idea: I want to present graphical objects and
change the shape of some of them using incremental redisplay. As far
as I see, this should be done by deleting the respective output record
and redrawing it with the new properties.

Can anybody help? Sorry if I'm missing the obvious...


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