[mcclim-devel] Non shrinking panes

Nikolaus Demmel demmeln at in.tum.de
Wed Feb 11 21:40:28 UTC 2009

False alarm.

(clear-output-record (stream-output-history pane))

does work. But the pane is still refusing to shrink in size, even if  
i manually call

(resize-sheet pane a b)

the pane is still back to its maximum ever size on next redisplay.  
What causes the pane to keep its size?

Niko Demmel

Am 11.02.2009 um 21:23 schrieb Nikolaus Demmel:

> I have gained some confidence, that the issue has to do with output
> recording.
> Unfortunately neither calling
> (climi:reset-output-history pane)
> nor
> (clear-output-record (stream-output-history pane))
> seems to do anything...
> Anyone know how to clear the output history?
> Regards,
> Niko Demmel
> Am 06.02.2009 um 21:11 schrieb Nikolaus Demmel:
>> Hi list
>> In the following when i talk about width of the pane, i mean the  
>> value
>> returned by (bounding-rectangle-width pane).
>> I have an application pane with not much output (which is not very
>> wide
>> and definately not as wide as the pane) at the beginning. When i
>> resize
>> (shrink) the whole frame (manually, using the mouse), the application
>> pane adapts in size until it is as wide as the intial output, then  
>> the
>> scrolling kicks in, but the size of the pane doesn't shrink further.
>> This makes sense.
>> Now if after a while (or due to some user action) the output on the
>> pane
>> becomes wider, then the "minimum pane width" that i can achieve with
>> shrinking the frame as above becomes this new withs of the output.
>> This
>> also makes sense.
>> Now if the output changes to something not as wide again, then the
>> "minimum pane width" acheived by resizing the whole window as above
>> doesn't shrink. It stays at the maximum width of output over the  
>> whole
>> lifetime of the application.
>> Does this have to do with output recording?
>> How can i make the pane become less wide again?
>> The background is, that i want to draw some lines as wide as the pane
>> that adapt in size, when i resize the window. This works with
>> enlarging
>> the window, but as described above not with shrinking it. How could i
>> acheive that.
>> Regards,
>> Niko Demmel
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