[mcclim-devel] Non shrinking panes

Nikolaus Demmel demmeln at in.tum.de
Fri Feb 6 20:11:41 UTC 2009

Hi list

In the following when i talk about width of the pane, i mean the value
returned by (bounding-rectangle-width pane).

I have an application pane with not much output (which is not very wide
and definately not as wide as the pane) at the beginning. When i resize
(shrink) the whole frame (manually, using the mouse), the application
pane adapts in size until it is as wide as the intial output, then the
scrolling kicks in, but the size of the pane doesn't shrink further.
This makes sense.

Now if after a while (or due to some user action) the output on the pane
becomes wider, then the "minimum pane width" that i can achieve with
shrinking the frame as above becomes this new withs of the output. This
also makes sense.

Now if the output changes to something not as wide again, then the
"minimum pane width" acheived by resizing the whole window as above
doesn't shrink. It stays at the maximum width of output over the whole
lifetime of the application.

Does this have to do with output recording?

How can i make the pane become less wide again?

The background is, that i want to draw some lines as wide as the pane
that adapt in size, when i resize the window. This works with enlarging
the window, but as described above not with shrinking it. How could i
acheive that.

Niko Demmel

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