[mcclim-devel] McCLIM 0.9.5 "Eastern Orthodox Liturgical New Year" released!

McCLIM developers mcclim-devel at common-lisp.net
Sun Sep 2 18:52:04 UTC 2007

The McCLIM developers are happy to release version 0.9.5 of McCLIM,
code-named "Eastern Orthodox Liturgical New Year".

This release includes many important bug fixes. There have been
stability and reliability improvements to the core CLIM implementation,
to the backends, and to the editor substrate "Drei", which we introduced
in the last release.

When testing this release, we found that it works on the following

 * OpenMCL
 * Allegro Common Lisp 8.0 in ANSI Mode

For compatibility with other implementations, please see the attached
release notes.

Get the tarball at
Alternatively, you can install McCLIM via asdf-install.

We are looking forward to your comments and bug reports. Please send
them to mcclim-devel at common-lisp.net. The list of currently known
bugs can be found at <http://trac.common-lisp.net/mcclim/report/1>.

Have fun using McCLIM,
The McCLIM developers.

RELEASE NOTES FOR McCLIM 0.9.5, "Eastern Orthodox Liturgical New Year":


This release was tested and found to work on the following

 * OpenMCL
 * CLISP (requires "Telent" CLX)
 * Allegro Common Lisp 8.0 in ANSI Mode

In our tests, this release of McCLIM did not work on the following

 * CMUCL (at the time of this release, the released CMUCL has a bug
   that prevents successful loading of McCLIM; CMUCL 19d + patch 1 and
   the 2006-12 snapshot or later contain a fix for this problem)

Also, McCLIM currently does not support lisps with case-sensitive
readers (Allegro CL "modern mode" and lower-case Scieneer CL).

Changes in mcclim-0.9.5 "Eastern Orthodox Liturgical New Year"
relative to 0.9.4:

>From the NEWS file:

* Changes in mcclim-0.9.5 relative to 0.9.4:
** Installation: the systems clim-listener, clim-examples,
   and clouseau can now be loaded without loading the system mcclim
   first. Users with existing McCLIM installations should use the
   provided script:
   		./symlink-asd-files.sh /path/to/asdf-central-registry/
** New extension: tab-layout. This extension allows keeping a stack of
   whose foreground pane is controlled by a tab bar. This layout can be
   customized in backends and frame managers. For examples, see the
   gtkairo backend and the pixie frame manager.
** New extension function: SHEET-RGB-IMAGE: makes a screenshot of a sheet
   in the CLX backend. (Supported on truecolor visuals only for now.)
** New experimental extension: tree-with-cross-edges are an extension to
   the graph formatter.
** New experimental backend: clim-graphic-forms: native widgets on Windows.
   This backend is still very experimental (it doesn't run demos yet).
** New inspector feature: The inspector now displays more useful information
   about hash tables and generic functions.
** Specification compliance: Various layout panes no longer quite as
   aggressive at eating the space requirements of their children.
** Specification compliance: There is now a rudimentary implementation of
** Usability: Text editors and text input panes now use click-to-focus.
** Improvement: the ACCEPTING-VALUES command table was renamed to
   ACCEPT-VALUES (as this is the name that the other clim-2 implementation
** Improvement: the CLX backend should no longer cause focus stealing
   when an application has text-editor panes.  This change comes with
   a rudimentary click-to-focus-keyboard widget policy.
** Improvement: define-application-frame now allows a :default-initargs
   option. (This is not exactly a "specification compliance" fix, as
   d-a-frame is not defined to accept this option.).
** Improvement: menu-choose menus now look a little prettier.
** Improvement: added more styles for bordered-output: :rounded, :ellipse
** Improvement: Toggle button values now default to NIL.
** Improvement: Frame layouts are now inherited from the frame's
** Improvement: The Lisp Syntax is much improved: now recognizes
   delimiter characters, and more types of Lambda lists.
** Bug fix: Bezier designs should now draw in the right place in all
** Bug fix: Text in Drei no longer "walks" to the left.
** Bug fix: Drei now has better support for delimiter gestures.
** Bug fix: Partial commands now work better when invoked from the menu.

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