[mcclim-devel] standard-tree-output-records using spatial-trees

Andreas Fuchs asf at boinkor.net
Mon Feb 27 18:01:19 UTC 2006

On 2006-02-21, Andreas Fuchs <asf at boinkor.net> wrote:
> * map-over-* didn't check if the child truly intersects the region /
> contains the point; this is enough only for ORs and regions that
> are equal to their bounding rectangle.

Thanks to Robert's tests with gsharp yesterday, we found out that this
code wrongly assumes that output records are regions. ORs are just
bounding rectangles, which means the code shouldn't call
bounding-rectangle on any OR; also, we shouldn't use the ORs in region
comparisons directly.

This version of the patch fixes this defect:
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