[mcclim-devel] Spiffy code sought for elegant pop-up dialog!

Clemens Fruhwirth clemens at endorphin.org
Wed Feb 22 10:24:31 UTC 2006

Paolo Amoroso <amoroso at mclink.it> wrote:

> Peter Braroe <peter.braroe at newsmachine.com> writes:
> > Regarding the accepting-values and :own-window. I didn't get that to
> > work. Do I need to do something special to get a new window? The 0.9.1
> > spec said something about it beeing unimplemented so I didn't research
> > it too much.
> Version 0.9.1 is quite old and a lot of progress has been made on
> McCLIM.  I suggest that you get the latest CVS sources, which is
> currently the canonical way of using an up to date McCLIM.

Are there any plans release plans? It doesn't look as if there are many
destabilizing merges are going on at the moment, so are there any
arguments to just release a CVS snapshot as 0.9.2? 

Of course, this violates some principals -- releases should receive a
minimal amount of testing and so on -- however, as we point to the users
to the CVS anyway, there is little to be lost.
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