[mcclim-devel] incremental redisplay slowness and local patches

Paul Werkowski pw at snoopy.mv.com
Wed Feb 8 17:57:17 UTC 2006

> This, however, uses a scary clim-internals internal symbol.  That's
> fine up to a point, but it would be better from our point of view if
> there were a way of doing this in a documented way; is there a
> spec-blessed way of having a custom incremental-redisplay method
> called?  Alternatively, can climi::window-stream be documented and
> exported?  Any other ideas?

I have not tried this myself, but there is the
:record-type keyword to updating-output where you
can supply your own class of output-record. Then
redisplay-output-record on what that returns should
do what you want. No?


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