[mcclim-devel] standard-tree-output-records using spatial-trees

Andreas Fuchs asf at boinkor.net
Sun Feb 5 15:13:36 UTC 2006

Hi all,

As this is the first weekend of my holidays, I hacked on mcclim a
little. So, I implemented standard-tree-output-records as per Tim
Moore's suggestion, using R-trees from Christophe's excellent
spatial-trees library. This one didn't take as long as I expected:
about 4 hours. Props to Xof (-:

I tested the change against beirc, which seems to be working. No
performance measurements yet. I'll just sit on #lisp and wait for the
scrollback buffer to grow (-:

Here's the patch:
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Comments and testers (both for correctness and for performance
improvements/degradation) welcome!

Have fun,
Andreas Fuchs, (http://|im:asf@|mailto:asf@)boinkor.net, antifuchs

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