[ltk-user] Is this alive?

Jason Miller jason at milr.com
Fri Oct 11 22:21:13 UTC 2013

Hi Peter,

That's good to hear.

Looking at a quick diff of my local version and 0.98, I have 3 bugfixes
and a new feature.

Bug fixes:

1) Completely changed how strings are escaped; many places did it
improperly (For an example, try making a TEXT widget and filling it with things like
newlines and ] and }).

2) Didn't build on recent sbcl due to exit/quit weirdness

3) The widget naming scheme eventually stomps on existing tk commands
if you create enough widgets (e.g. wm).

New Feature:

Accessor for "state" on ttk widgets; note this implementation depends on
spit-sequence; I can rewrite to not use that if you prefer.

Do you want these in 4 separate patches?  Should I just send the patches
to the mailing list?  Is there a version control repository with
something newer than 0.98 for me to base my patches off of?


I have 2 bugfixes and
On 21:05 Fri 11 Oct     , Peter Herth wrote:
>    Hi Jason,
>    the mailing list was dead as the mailing lists on [1]common-lisp.net
>    seemed to be down for a while, but your post shows that someone has
>    fixed this. This is great news! So the list is live again.
>    I am using LTk in production use and fixing all bugs I am getting aware
>    of. Function-wise, Tk is covered to my knowledge, so development got a
>    bit slow. But indeed, I would be very happy if you can report bugs and
>    provide fixes.
>    Best regards,
>    Peter
> References
>    1. http://common-lisp.net/
>    2. mailto:jason at milr.com

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