[ltk-user] Selection in listbox

Syll syll-dev at laposte.net
Wed Feb 29 23:17:30 UTC 2012


I have a few problems/questions with listbox selection (especially
multiple selection).

* If the listbox does'nt have the focus and I select items with
  Ctrl+click (including the first one), events from keys are not
  triggered for this listbox. Is it because the listbox has'nt get the
  focus at all ? How do i give the focus to the listbox (but not to
  any item) ?

* If I understand this well, there are two special states that can be
  applied to list items : say "selected" (zero, one or several items)
  and "focused" (zero or one item).

* I can select an item with listbox-select.
  How can I give the focus to an item ?

* I catch selection events with <<ListboxSelect>>.
  How can I catch "item focus" events ?
  How can I get the focused item ?

Thank you


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