[ltk-user] problems with menucheckbutton

cage cage at katamail.com
Sun Jan 16 11:54:28 UTC 2011


Thank you for  sharing this code, it works well and  it is very simple
to use!

I am using ltk 0.91 and  i am having trouble with the menucheckbutton,
as far  as i can understand  this class does not  specialize the (setf
command) method  so the only way to  set a command for  this widget is
using the  :initarg when  the object is  created, the problem  is that
this  way the  value  of the  button seems  not  to be  passed to  the
function, this  behaviour is  different fron check-button  widget that
instead works as documentation specified.

as far as i can see 

this code:

(make-instance 'menucheckbutton
	       :text "A"
	       :command #'(lambda (x) (print x))
	       :name "mmodify"
	       :master mmodify)

is able to produce this tcl/tk code:

'path of the widget' add checkbutton -label {A} -variable mmodify  -command {callback mmodify}

So seems to  me that the variable 'mmodify' have got  the state of the
button but  i can not  figure out  how can i  get its value  from lisp

My second question is: is there a public repository for the library?

Thank you again.


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