[ltk-user] fix for ltk on mswin?

Thomas F. Burdick tburdick at gmail.com
Sun Feb 21 17:38:39 UTC 2010

2010/2/20  <dherring at tentpost.com>:
> Daniel wrote:
>> Still poking around.
> Doh!  I found my problem.  Either commenting out
> #fconfigure stdin -encoding utf-8 -translation ~a
> #fconfigure stdout -encoding utf-8
> or enabling (setf translation "crlf") fixes all my problems.  Why I didn't
> see this earlier?  Why did I let the :lispworks scare me away?

I guess the fact that we use SBCL on Windows (when we develop on
Windows at all) is showing here. Your patch looks like it's probably
The Right Thing. And I guess we'll have a new SBCL/Windows bug when
SBCL finally grows crlf support.

> The Ltk examples and ABLE both work fine now.
> A major benefit of the (sleep 1) was to let Tk appear before Ltk sent it
> bad commands.  However, it should not be removed; I still need it for
> proper operation under clisp.

This is worrisome. If it's only clisp where this causes problems,
maybe we can see if there's any clisp-specific way of waiting for the
subprocess to be ready for input.


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