[ltk-user] fix for ltk on mswin?

dherring at tentpost.com dherring at tentpost.com
Wed Feb 10 04:20:42 UTC 2010

There have been many reports of ltk not starting properly on mswin boxes. 
I have an XP box that consistently shows this problem.  The basic symptom
is that when tk should appear, the active titlebar is grayed out but
nothing else happens.  When the lisp process is closed, the tk window full
of ltk widgets appears.

A few years ago, there were a couple reports on this list containing
workarounds.  However, I couldn't get any of them to work.

After poking at this for a long time, I came up with the following patch. 
I can't guarantee 100% success, but it hasn't failed and it points to a
possible obscure problem in ltk.

   ;; open subprocess
   (if (null (wish-stream *wish*))
-	(setf (wish-stream *wish*) (or stream (do-execute *wish-pathname*
+	(setf (wish-stream *wish*) (or stream (do-execute *wish-pathname*
+	(sleep 1)
+	(setf
 	      (wish-call-with-condition-handlers-function *wish*)
 	      (apply #'make-condition-handler-function keys))
 	;; perform tcl initialisations

Basically, it appears to me that due to scheduler timing, ltk may be
writing to wish before it is ready, somehow causing the wish gui event
loop to hang.  The (sleep 1) is sketchy, but would it be hard to have ltk
wait until it reads a wish prompt?  ISTR there was a reason why this is a
common pattern in expect.


P.S.   Need... sleep....z.z.z.z.zzzzzzz

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