[ltk-user] :textvariable

Pedro Kröger pedro.kroger at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 04:46:58 UTC 2009

Peter Herth <herth at peter-herth.de> writes:

> can you tell me why you want to specify the name of the text variable
> for labels?

to implement a statusbar and have the text change when necessary. Right
now I'm using something like:

(defun statusbar-update (text)
 (format-wish "set text_statusbar {  ~a}" text))

(defun statusbar-clean ()
 (format-wish "set text_statusbar {}"))

Initially I thought I needed to pass a lisp variable to :textvariable and
it'd be mapped to the variable in -textvariable. Is that the wrong way
to approach it?


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