[ltk-user] Adding support for various units of measure for canvas items.

Ilya Zvyagin masterziv at gmail.com
Wed Jul 8 17:10:00 UTC 2009

Peter Herth ?????:
> Well, I had no use for them so far, but as with many Tk features, I might have
> overlooked a cool use case. So can you give an example where you use canvas
> units?
I simply draw a plan of real objects and it is more convenient to do this
in real coordinates, not in pixels, moreover, pixels are not always of same
height and width, that is, not always circles. So measuring in pixels would
lead to axis of X and Y being unisotropic.
I may be wrong here but this was my first idea when I decided to use 
> Yeah, looks like a good solution and I will merge it in.

I can provide the full source file if it is needed.
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