[ltk-user] [PATCH] file encoding support for LTK-0.91

Masayuki Onjo masayuki.onjo at gmail.com
Thu Sep 11 12:34:00 UTC 2008

Hi, all.

Tcl/Tk support some encodings via fconfigure options.
I made a patch to add "fconfigure -encoding ..." for LTK-0.91.
This patch + following configuration, I've success to use UTF-8 with CLISP + LTK.

(system::set-default-file-encoding charset:utf-8)
(setf ltk:*default-file-encoding* "utf-8")
(setf ltk:*init-wish-hook* (list
                            (lambda ()
                              (ltk:send-wish "fconfigure stdout -encoding utf-8")
                              (ltk:send-wish "fconfigure stdin -encoding utf-8"))))


Masayuki Onjo
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