[ltk-user] PATCH a much better patch that works on 8.4 and 8.5

Johan Ur Riise johan at riise-data.no
Sun Apr 27 18:44:00 UTC 2008

Here I leave activate-tile on the outside of the with-ltk form in
tile-test. In stead, I have deferred the renaming of widgets, using the
same technique as is used with require-tile, pushing a lambda to the
init hook. Works beautifully with tile-test on  both tcl 8.4 and 8.5,
and also with my own application.

The "unless" in require-tile _could_ be a premature optimization, but it
could also be a hint to the next generation programmers that this is
only for an ancient wish, and could be removed.

So forget my last pathc, but the one adding ttk:: is needed

diff --git a/ltk-tile.lisp b/ltk-tile.lisp
index 0d8c39c..7fb9914 100644
--- a/ltk-tile.lisp
+++ b/ltk-tile.lisp
@@ -32,15 +32,21 @@
 (defparameter *tile-widgets* '(button check-button entry label
radio-button scrollbar  ))
 ;;; checkbutton combobox dialog notebook paned progressbar treeview
menubutton separator
+(defun tclversion ()
+  (send-wish "senddatastrings [info tclversion]")
+  (read-from-string (first (ltk::read-data))))
 (defun require-tile ()
-  (send-wish "package require tile"))
+  (unless (> (tclversion) 8.4) 
+    (send-wish "package require tile")))
 (defun activate-tile ()
   (pushnew #'require-tile *init-wish-hook*)
-  (dolist (widget *tile-widgets*)
-    (let ((w (make-instance widget)))
-      (unless (search "ttk::" (widget-class-name w))
-       (setf (widget-class-name w) (concatenate 'string
"ttk::" (widget-class-name w)))))))
+  (pushnew (lambda () (dolist (widget *tile-widgets*)
+                        (let ((w (make-instance widget)))
+                          (unless (search "ttk::" (widget-class-name
+                            (setf (widget-class-name w) (concatenate
'string "ttk::" (widget-class-name w)))))))
+           *init-wish-hook*))
 (defun theme-names ()
   (send-wish "senddatastrings [ttk::style theme names]")

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