[ltk-user] bug in ltk-tile.lisp function tile-test in ltk-091

Johan Ur Riise johan at riise-data.no
Sun Apr 27 07:14:29 UTC 2008

Found this small bug.

* (tile-test)

debugger invoked on a TYPE-ERROR in thread #<THREAD "initial
thread" {1002445C91}>:
  The value NIL is not of type STREAM.

Type HELP for debugger help, or (SB-EXT:QUIT) to exit from SBCL.

restarts (invokable by number or by possibly-abbreviated name):
  0: [ABORT] Exit debugger, returning to top level.

 #<unavailable argument>
    :FUNCTION #<CLOSURE # {10033B9679}>
    :PV NIL
    :ARG-INFO (1 . T))

and this patch corrects it:

--- ltk-tile.lisp.orig  2008-04-27 08:45:27.000000000 +0200
+++ ltk-tile.lisp       2008-04-27 08:46:09.000000000 +0200
@@ -57,8 +57,8 @@
   (format-wish "style default ~A ~{ -~(~a~) {~a}~}" style params))
 (defun tile-test ()
-  (activate-tile)
   (with-ltk ()
+    (activate-tile)
      (let* ((mb (make-menubar))
            (mtheme (make-menu mb "Theme" ))
            (b (make-instance 'button :text "a button"))

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