[ltk-user] Ltk gui freezing on windows

Jonathan Johansen framlingham at gmail.com
Tue Apr 8 10:09:58 UTC 2008

Hi All,

I have recently tried to use Phil Armitage's lisp editor ABLE (of course
written with Ltk).  However on my windows XP desktop, it didn't work very
well.  It would start up, but when I pressed a key (such as Ctrl-n), it
froze.  It didn't take any extra resources, it just didn't respond.  Anyway,
to cut a long story short, I found this tcl/tk bug report:


Then I (with the help of Phil) figured out a workaround (mostly through
sheer luck).  I put a call to ltk:do-msg before the user gets a chance to
press anything, and to avoid freezing the application, you have to dismiss
the message box with a press of enter (clicking OK is not OK).  So like it
says in the bug report above, it seems that an enter will stop it freezing.
Being 'lazy', I don't want to have to customise every single tcl/tk/ltk
application I want to run on this computer, so is there a way to include an
extra 'enter' or #\Newline in key places in the Ltk code to avoid this
happening?  They could all use #+win32 because I think it only seems to
happen to that type of OS :(.

Anyway, now I'm going to start learning to use ABLE!

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