[ltk-user] UTF-8 text

Zdenek Eichler zdenek.eichler at gcajkol.cz
Mon Dec 11 21:16:28 UTC 2006

I have this problem:
I want to use unicode characters (chess figures) in canvas.
But it displays only some squares. But when i create button with same  
characters . it work!

  (make-instance 'canvas-text :canvas c :x 10 :y 10  :text "♖")
	this displays only garbage

(make-instance 'button
                              :master right-frame
                              :text "♖"
                              :command (lambda () (+ 1 2)))
this display button with text ♖

I'm not sure this character will be displayed in email correctely...  
so my character is unicode WHITE CHESS PAWN...

	I use SBCL on MAC OS X 10.4

Any idea?



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