[ltk-user] Ltk 0.878 release

Peter Herth p.herth at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 20:20:49 UTC 2005


I just uploaded the newest Ltk version to my server:
(note that you have to download ltk-0.878.lisp, as I don't want to put
it in the "official" tarball without further testing :)

Besides many small fixes, there are two mayor changes. First, with-ltk
takes keyword parameters now , which configure the condition/error
handling it does now (so you can if an error occors choose to restart
mainloop for example)
Secondly, the whole widget class generation code has been completely
rewritten, using a macro to replace the rather long definitions,
cutting 20k of the Ltk code ...

So, if anyone out  there feels like giving it a test ride and give
some feedback, I might release it officially soon.


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