[ltk-user] bug?

Yaroslav Kavenchuk kavenchuk at jenty.by
Mon Dec 5 15:19:06 UTC 2005


clisp-2.36, ltk-0.876, Active Tcl, win2k

All tests - (ltktest) and (ltk::ltk-eyes) - run without errors.

But example from ltkdoc:

[3]> (defun hello-1()
       (with-ltk ()
         (let ((b (make-instance button
                                 :master nil
                                 :text "Press Me"
                                 :command (lambda () (format t "Hello
              (pack b))))
[4]> (hello-1)
proc escape {s} {regsub -all {\\} $s {\\\\} s1;regsub -all {"} $s1 {\"}
s2;return $s2}
proc senddata {s} {puts "(:data [escape $s])";flush stdout}
proc senddatastring {s} {puts "(:data \"[escape $s]\")";flush stdout}
proc senddatastrings {strings} {
                 puts "(:data ("
                 foreach s $strings {
                     puts "\"[escape $s]\""
                 puts "))";flush stdout}
proc sendevent {s x y keycode char width height root_x root_y
mouse_button} {puts "(:event \"$s\" $x $y $keyco
de $char $width $height $root_x $root_y $mouse_button)"}
proc callback {s} {puts "(:callback \"$s\")";flush stdout}
proc callbackval {s val} {puts "(:callback \"$s\" $val)"}
proc callbackstring {s val} {puts "(:callback \"$s\" \"[escape $val]\")"}

*** - EVAL: variable BUTTON has no value
The following restarts are available:
USE-VALUE      :R1      You may input a value to be used instead of BUTTON.
STORE-VALUE    :R2      You may input a new value for BUTTON.
ABORT          :R3      ABORT
Break 1 [5]>


WBR, Yaroslav Kavenchuk.

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