[isidorus-cvs] r744 - trunk/src/shell_scripts

lgiessmann at common-lisp.net lgiessmann at common-lisp.net
Wed Aug 17 09:56:52 UTC 2011

Author: lgiessmann
Date: Wed Aug 17 02:56:52 2011
New Revision: 744

trunk: shell_scripts: changed the state of the http-basic-authentication mechanism in the start script for TextGrid


Modified: trunk/src/shell_scripts/startIsidorus.lisp
--- trunk/src/shell_scripts/startIsidorus.lisp	Wed Aug 17 02:49:33 2011	(r743)
+++ trunk/src/shell_scripts/startIsidorus.lisp	Wed Aug 17 02:56:52 2011	(r744)
@@ -2,10 +2,10 @@
 (asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op 'isidorus)
 ;;(xtm-importer:import-from-xtm "/home/isidorus/.sbcl/site/isidorus/src/unit_tests/textgrid_07.15.2011.xtm" "data_base" :tm-id "http::/isidor.us/tm-1")
 (setf rest-interface:*users* (list (list :uname "isidorus" :passwd "Ar8g7Pw")))
-(setf rest-interface:*use-http-authentication* 1) ;only the host page isidorus.html is protected, note: all RESTful handlers can be invoked without any authentication mechanism!!!    
-(setf rest-interface:*local-backup-remote-address* "")
-(setf rest-interface:*remote-backup-remote-address* "")
-(setf rest-interface:*shutdown-remote-address* "")
+(setf rest-interface:*use-http-authentication* 2) ;only the host page isidorus.html and the commit handlers are protected  
+(setf rest-interface:*local-backup-remote-address* "") ;the allowed other remove peer ip
+(setf rest-interface:*remote-backup-remote-address* "") ;the allowed other remove peer ip
+(setf rest-interface:*shutdown-remote-address* "") ;the allowed other remove peer ip
 (rest-interface:start-json-engine "/home/isidorus/data_base" :host-name "" :port 7000)
 (format t "will enter die-when-finished")

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