[isidorus-cvs] r264 - in branches/new-datamodel/src: model unit_tests

Lukas Giessmann lgiessmann at common-lisp.net
Tue Apr 6 19:32:40 UTC 2010

Author: lgiessmann
Date: Tue Apr  6 15:32:40 2010
New Revision: 264

new-datamodel: apat the datamodel's unit-tests to the last modifactions of "find-odlest-construct"


Modified: branches/new-datamodel/src/model/datamodel.lisp
--- branches/new-datamodel/src/model/datamodel.lisp	(original)
+++ branches/new-datamodel/src/model/datamodel.lisp	Tue Apr  6 15:32:40 2010
@@ -3589,20 +3589,13 @@
+;TODO: merge-constructs: RoleC (merge parents), AssociationC, TopicMapC,
-;TODO: merge-constructs: RoleC (merge parents and return the active role object),
-;;     AssociationC, TopicMapC,
 ;;; start hacks ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
 (defmethod merge-constructs ((construct-1 TopicMapConstructC) (construct-2 TopicMapconstructC)
 			     &key (revision *TM-REVISION*))
@@ -3613,9 +3606,3 @@
 ;;; end hacks ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
-;TODO: --> include move-yx in move-referenced-constructs
\ No newline at end of file

Modified: branches/new-datamodel/src/unit_tests/datamodel_test.lisp
--- branches/new-datamodel/src/unit_tests/datamodel_test.lisp	(original)
+++ branches/new-datamodel/src/unit_tests/datamodel_test.lisp	Tue Apr  6 15:32:40 2010
@@ -2740,28 +2740,28 @@
 	  (rev-2 200)
 	  (rev-3 300))
       (setf *TM-REVISION* rev-1)
-      (is-false (d::find-oldest-construct ii-1 ii-2))
+      (is (eql ii-1 (d::find-oldest-construct ii-1 ii-2)))
       (add-item-identifier top-1 ii-1 :revision rev-3)
       (is (eql ii-1 (d::find-oldest-construct ii-1 ii-2)))
       (add-item-identifier assoc-1 ii-2 :revision rev-2)
       (is (eql ii-2 (d::find-oldest-construct ii-1 ii-2)))
       (add-item-identifier top-2 ii-1 :revision rev-1)
       (is (eql ii-1 (d::find-oldest-construct ii-1 ii-2)))
-      (is-false (d::find-oldest-construct variant-1 variant-2))
+      (is (eql variant-1 (d::find-oldest-construct variant-1 variant-2)))
       (add-variant name-1 variant-1 :revision rev-3)
       (is (eql variant-1 (d::find-oldest-construct variant-1 variant-2)))
       (add-variant name-1 variant-2 :revision rev-2)
       (is (eql variant-2 (d::find-oldest-construct variant-1 variant-2)))
       (add-variant name-2 variant-1 :revision rev-1)
       (is (eql variant-1 (d::find-oldest-construct variant-1 variant-2)))
-      (is-false (d::find-oldest-construct role-1 role-2))
+      (is (eql role-1 (d::find-oldest-construct role-1 role-2)))
       (add-role assoc-1 role-1 :revision rev-3)
       (is (eql role-1 (d::find-oldest-construct role-1 role-2)))
       (add-role assoc-1 role-2 :revision rev-2)
       (is (eql role-2 (d::find-oldest-construct role-1 role-2)))
       (add-role assoc-2 role-1 :revision rev-1)
       (is (eql role-1 (d::find-oldest-construct role-1 role-2)))
-      (is-false (d::find-oldest-construct tm-1 tm-2))
+      (is (eql tm-1 (d::find-oldest-construct tm-1 tm-2)))
       (d::add-to-version-history tm-1 :start-revision rev-3)
       (is (eql tm-1 (d::find-oldest-construct tm-1 tm-2)))
       (d::add-to-version-history tm-2 :start-revision rev-1)

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