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Attila Lendvai attila at
Thu May 24 12:14:04 UTC 2018

hi Stelian,

is this a bug or is it a mistake in my expectations?

> (iolib/pathnames:file-path-namestring (iolib/pathnames:parse-file-path "with [wild] chars.txt"))
"with [wild] chars.txt"

> (uiop:parse-unix-namestring "with [wild] chars.txt")
#P"with \\[wild] chars.txt"

notice the extra \\ to escape the opening square paren.

background: my bug is that hu.dwim.web-server fails to serve files
with square parens in their name due to eventually calling:

(FILE-WRITE-DATE "with [wild] chars.txt")

it works with iolib pathnames, but to get the file-write-date it calls

i'm not sure what [] means in CL pathnames, but seems to have a special meaning.

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