[Iolib-devel] poll and EAGAIN

Attila Lendvai attila at lendvai.name
Sat Oct 31 19:34:42 UTC 2015

>> i started to receive errors from poll due to EAGAIN and it broke the
>> CGI handling in our web server. the issue is not urgent, but i thought
>> i'll report it.
>> if i add the following to PROCESS-POLL-REVENTS under the case
>>   (error 'poll-error :fd fd :identifier (princ-to-string
>> (iolib.syscalls:errno))))
>> then i see 11, which is EAGAIN.
>> shouldn't that be handled by iolib behind my back? or am i doing
>> somehting wrong?
>> the sympthoms are that the request is not even parsed properly (iiuc),
>> but when i use View Source in chrome then it seems to work. it's maybe
>> something about the request not arriving in one packet or somesuch?
>> but my network foo is limited...
>> the code in question is in hu.dwim.web-server.
> Hi Attila, if you can grab a stacktrace, it would be very useful. I
> thought I handled all places where EAGAIN could be triggered, but
> obviously I haven't.

FTR, i cannot reproduce this anymore.

i've updated iolib to the latest on dwim.hu. i didn't update
libfixposix because this repo is gone:


then i tried the darcsweb.cgi with chrome and it works. so, no backtrace... :)


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