[iolib-devel] Extension for serial devices support.

marsijanin at gmail.com marsijanin at gmail.com
Sun Nov 22 13:41:38 UTC 2009

Stelian Ionescu <sionescu at cddr.org> writes:

> On Sun, 2009-11-08 at 21:09 +0300, marsijanin at gmail.com wrote:
>> I run it under sbcl, clisp and ccl under 32 bit archlinux. I found
>> mercurial command syntax more simple than git, so project is hosted at
>> bitbucket.org: http://bitbucket.org/marsijanin/iolib.termios/
>> Hope my little extension will be useful.
>> Best,
>> Nikolay V. Razbegaev 
>> P.S. I also have some plans for parallel interface (by making libieee1284
>> bindings) in the future.
> Thanks for providing this.
> Is it ok if I incorporate it into IOLib or do you prefer to develop it
> outside ?

Hi, Stelian.

I guess that incorporation will be best solution. IOLib.termios is my
first experience in code sharing and cffi coding. I currently
haven't much time to support this my little IOLib extension because of
deadline at my work, but I hope, that it should not be a big problem in the
future.  Besides, I believe that it will be a chance to learn more
about git for me.

Anyway there are still two questions about incorporation: how exactly
you are going to incorporate and to collaborate? Will the incorporation
be just coping files and calling "git add" or there is a way to import mercurial
project into git? I don't suppose, that history of my little part is
really important -- just asking. And after that -- how should we
collaborate? Should I just send patches into mailing list or will you
give me write access to the project repository?

I'm planing to sit down and make normal condition system for
IOLib.termios when I have time for it. I also suppose that termios
constants should be defined via constantenum and stty syntax should be
changed in order to accept keywords arguments.

I also started to write the extension for parallel interfaces (I called it
IOLib.ieee1284). I wrote wrappers low level function in libieee1284 and wrote
some hi level wrappers for reading parallel port lines as bit vectors in
raw mode. 

I'm glad, that you think that my little part was useful.


Nikolay V. Razbegaev 

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