[iolib-devel] iolib design issues?

Stelian Ionescu stelian.ionescu-zeus at poste.it
Mon Jan 26 14:21:42 UTC 2009

On Mon, 2009-01-26 at 05:40 -0500, Matthew Mondor wrote:
> I've been trying out iolib yesterday, and unfortunately couldn't find
> any proper documentation.  I therefore started reading the source.
> I've noticed net.sockets:make-socket which appears to be the public
> interface to create a new socket.

Iolib's make-socket is largely compatible with Allegro's so you can find
documentation at

> Using this function without specifying :connect resulted in an :active
> socket, which I noticed the API wouldn't later let me bind.  I thus
> created a :passive one, although I noticed that this did not let me
> specify any address or port to bind to and would already bind(2) and
> listen(2).

You can specify address and port with the keywords :local-host
and :local-port. To obtain an unbound socket, use :local-host nil .

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