[iolib-devel] (gcc-cpu-flags) in asdf-additions/unix-dso.lisp

Chun Tian binghe.lisp at gmail.com
Wed Jun 6 19:56:24 UTC 2007

Hi, iolib developers

I'm not sure why need a (gcc-cpu-flags) function to detect a gcc compile
flag (-m32/-m64) and use this to compile C files.

First, use (cffi:foreign-type-size :int) to guess is wrong at least on
amd64 Linux: (cffi:foreign-type-size :int) return 4 on amd64 Linux, so
you guess wrong to 32-bit.

Second, if you guess wrong, a 64-bit Lisp process will can not load a
32-bit library.

If I disable this (gcc-cpu-flags), gcc with no -m32/-m64 can always do
the right thing on both 32 and 64-bit platform, and the Lisp process can
load this library. (I'm just doing this on Debian GNU/Linux amd64 and
LispWorks 5.0.2 Enterprise Edition for AMD64 Linux.) Am I right?


Chun Tian (binghe)
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