[iolib-devel] Re: On iolib-posix, OSICAT and FFI interfaces

Stelian Ionescu sionescu at common-lisp.net
Tue Aug 7 19:05:11 UTC 2007

On Tue, Aug 07, 2007 at 04:05:39PM +0100, Luis Oliveira wrote:
>On 07/08/07, Nikodemus Siivola <nikodemus at random-state.net> wrote:
>> The only things I'm unhappy about are grabbing package names like
>> MACH.  [...]
>>  (a) Use names like OSIX, OSMACH, OSWIN -- compromise between putting
>>      them in the OSICAT "namespace" and using something terse.
>Those names do sound like a good compromise. (And I think Corman
>already uses WIN.) What do you think Stelian? Also, OSIMACH and
>OSIWIN? Or is that one character too many?

I think OSWIN and OSIX(OSNIX ?) are ok(maybe nicknamed OW and OX :) )
about Mach, I don't think it should have a package on its own,
especially since the only Mach system used around is Darwin/OSX which is
almost identical to a FreeBSD. perhaps one day a brave coder will want
to port everything on GNU/Hurd and we'll have OSHURD :D

>> Other stuff (aka directions to move in): while I'm OK with having OSICAT-POSIX /
>> OSIX on Windows, in the long term the Windows side should probably not build on
>> it.

I agree too

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      :quote "Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur.")
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